Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cleaning method for iron gall ink using ascorbic acid

Iron gall ink was the traditional writing and drawing ink. You can buy the iron gall ink as blue-black ink for fountain pens (e.g. Pelikan blue black, Diamine Registrar's Ink, Rohrer & Klingner Salix and Scabiosa). Unfortunately, Montblanc and Lamy had recently discontinued the sale of iron gall blue black ink for fountain pens. One of the reasons, I think the popular old idea that fountain pens can be broken down by iron gall ink is involved.
It is not easy to remove the stains of a iron gall ink with water. However, You may set your mind at ease. You can easily clean your fountain pen that stain with iron gall ink using ascorbic acid (vitamin C) solution.

How to Clean Iron Gall Ink Stains
Above image is that fountain pen with iron gall ink stains.

Above image is after dipping in 1% of ascorbic acid water solution for 20 min.
No scrub, No detergents. But, Very very beautiful and shiny!  

Stains of iron(III) ion with gallic acid is solubilized by reduction with ascorbic acid.

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