Sunday, July 26, 2009

About My Iron gall inks

I made myself this ink which mixed the chemical reagents. I do not sell this ink, but I give about it to persons which will write about my ink on their blogs or webpages.
As such blogs is ( , ( etc. And my blog in Japanese is (, please choose "handmadeink" category in the right sidebar.


  1. hi! i'd love to try the inks you mix, especially the melon green, yellow, and orange. my blog is at thank you very much!

  2. hi, gary! thank you for following my blog! are you still sending out inks to try? i'd love to try the inks you mix and review them on my blog. :) cheers! by the way, i checked your other blog, the pentel tradio fountain pens are awesome! :)

  3. Hello The Archer,

    Thank you for your comment!
    Sorry, my reply was delayed because I was oblivious of your comment for a month.
    I am still sending my homemade ink to applicants.
    But, Melon green is not in stock because all of it passed out on fountain pen study group in Japan (WAGNER).
    If you will hope to get my original ink, please send me delivery address.